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Did You Know?

It's No Secret...

Did you know that some of the most famous and influential people around have received help from going within...? Take Joe Vitale (The Secret), he's been supported by inner guides since he was a teenager.

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Is it Coincidence or a Synchronistic Event?

What is Openings - The Search for Harry all about?

UPDATE! Openings has just been picked up for broadcast and VOD distrobution by GaiamTV - Thank You Gaiam!

Perhaps you've seen the movies: "What the Bleep," or "The Secret?" Well... this movie is not them, but there are some similarities: Personal interviews and true stories are shared by a notable cast that include Amit Goswami (What the Bleep), Joe Vitale (The Secret), Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief), and many others. But “Openings” is more than guest interviews and new-age concepts, for the undercurrent of the film revolves around a story.

“Openings --The Search for Harry” is a humorous and insightful feature-length movie presentation based on true events. This is the story of one man's journey from being closed off from those most important in his life, to reconnecting, and to rebuilding an authentic richer life. Join Harry Reed on his often touching adventure into the remote mountains of Colorado. This film explores life in a way that is both real and profound. Interwoven into the film are some of today's most relevant new-age personalities, who provide interviews that share their own thoughts and insights. “Openings--The Search for Harry” is a rare type of film, one that will open your mind as well as your heart.

The film's music score is composed and performed by talented various artists. "Openings" - the sound track, will transport you to new realms… of thought . . . of reality . . . of spirit . . . like no film has before.


Openings - In Your Life

Have you ever felt just plain stuck... at an impasse that seems like will never end? This film, and Openings in general, is all about getting unstuck and on your way towards the kind of life you want to live. This film provides the tools and the expert advice that you'll need to get started. If Harry Reed can do - you can too! Watch for the signs...

Are You Bringing Openings (opportunities) Into Your Life?

We recently had a closed (non-public) screening of the film to 150 people in Loveland Colorado. Here are just a few of the comments generated...

   "I could hardly get to sleep last night, just thinking about the movie! So MANY ideas in my head....so MANY things to ponder, and possibilities to consider!  What an "interruption....AND inspiration" to one's normal everyday life! Thanks you so much....and to all responsible! Can't stop thinking about it! :)"

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