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The Filmmakers


Director / Executive Producer

Mark McGinnis, Director, co-Writer, and co-Producer

Mark's early working years were all about climbing the corporate
ladder and building a solid technical/marketing management career
in various high-tech industries including aerospace (Hughes Aircraft)
and telecom (Harris Corporation).

From there, he caught the entrepreneurial bug and co-founded several
businesses including WGD-Media, a new media creative agency in Hollywood, CA that primarily catered to
the film industry. It was here that Mark produced several national TV infomercials and executive produced a
TV pilot called Dishfunctional along with several partners in Hollywood. Soon after that Mark opened
another business called Creativations - a highly unique manufacturer of outdoor lighting products, including
the very popular Magical Fireflies. The Creativations Fireflies products went on to be used in motion pictures
as well as everyday consumers to bring a little romantic magic to their nighttime environments.

Five years later Mark dissolved WGD-Media, moved his businesses to Colorado and opened Avenstar
(now Avenstar Productions) which is a full-service production company located near Denver. Mark and
his wife/partner, Kim, refer to Avenstar as a video/film and marketing boutique, primarily because their
services and capabilities travel outside the lines of a conventional film production company or that of
a typical ad agency…

Recently Mark and Kim- co-authored a book with Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy
(co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul) & Jack Zufelt - The DNA of Success - Success Stories.

Marl's primary focus now is directing and producing. Although he still dabbles with producing high-end TV
advertising, and corporate films, his primary passion is producing and directing feature films.

Mark is currently in development on his second feature film, Openings - The Search for Harry, due to be released
into distribution in late Summer/Fall 2011. The prequel of this movie, Openings-Their Stores, will be released
sometime late 2013. There will also be a new Openings book (by Mark and Kim) and even an
Openings Video Channel
both slated for late 2012 - early 2013.

Mark is also co-developing new film called The Cage, here in Colorado which will start production in late summer 2012.

kimExecutive Producer / Producer / Actress

Kim McGinnnis, CO-Producer

Actress, Writer, Entrepreneur, Casting Director, and
Producer, Kim McGinnis believes the best route to success
is when you follow your heart.

Born in Savannah Georgia, Kim began her career in Los
Angeles, California as an actress and a writer. After doing
a string of equity waver productions she landed an agent
with the prestigious Meyer Mishkin Agency (theatrically) and
Irv Schechter Agency in Beverly Hills (commercially), CA. Kim
has appeared in various movies and national TV commercials,
and has had the opportunity to work with directors Bob Giraldi
and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

A series of synchronistic events led Kim to meet Mark McGinnis, who at the time had
recently launched a successful manufacturing business. Kim invested in the business and the two
soon became partners in business and in life. Today Kim is Vice President of Avenstar
Productions, a video and marketing company in the Boulder, Colorado area. Avenstar Productions is
currently creating feature films as well as shorts, with 2 short films, The Cage and Route 7 slated for
production sometime in the Fall of 2011.

Kim is thrilled to be producing, casting, and acting in Openings. To find out more about Kim and
Avenstar Productions please visit www.avenstar.net.

lisaCo-Producer / Music Composer

Lisa Gerstner, Co-Producer and Music Producer

Lisa Gerstner is a music producer and a co-producer for
feature films. She also produces music for corporate,
commercial and educational video. Well versed in multidisciplines,
film brings together her skills as a music
composer, a writer, and a fine artist. Her music, like her
paintings, expresses ethereal and impressionistic qualities.
Common interest in spiritual topics led to Lisa's
involvement with Mark and Kim McGinnis, their company
Avenstar, and the feature film, Openings. Lisa is lead
composer for the film and works with other exceptional
musicians and songwriters to custom make music for each scene.

Lisa's performance experience with piano, ensembles, choirs, and concert bands paved the way for composing.
Her composing career really took flight in 1988 when she began to hear music in her dreams. She furthered
her skills by studying composition with Toby Tennenbaum and Art Lande. Her compositions range full spectrum
from delicate as dew on the leaves, to thunderous and dynamic as storms. Lisa's albums Welcome Disturbance and
Inquiry received awards from the Colorado Council on Arts and Humanities and the
Carbondale Council of Arts and Humanities.

Lisa has a Masters of Science in Education Media Design and Technology from Full Sail
University, and currently has two books in progress: a compilation of true stories called,
Spiritual Response, and the authorized biography of noted Native American Artist, Earl Biss.
To find out more about Lisa, please visit www.LisaGerstner.com.



For the reeactment stories, the writing team consists of Mark McGinnis, R.C. Schultz, Patrick Sheridan
Lisa Gerstner, and Michael Mann. For the primary "The Search for Harry" story the writer is Pamela Cuming.

-- Writer - The Search for Harry

PAMELA CUMING – Writer/Director/Actress “Openings; Search For Harry”,
is a Produced screenwriter and Sundance Alum 2008 for co-writing;
‘Downloading Nancy’ starring Maria Bello, Jason Patric, Rufus Sewel
receiving SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL Official Selection In-Competition,
World Premiere. Pamela was a special guest speaker at Sundance’s
WOMEN IN FILM panel.   “Downloading Nancy’ is a dark romantic
suspense thriller and was nominated for Independent Spirit Award
in 2010.  Ms. Cuming is also an award winning playwright and has
been produced OFF BROADWAY in NYC and LA etc.  Pamela’s
current feature film “10.31” is under option with Orinox Films and
is scheduled to start principle photography May 2012. 

Pamela is also Founder of Angel Street Films LLC and has written & directed over the last 2 years receiving
2nd place for  “Running Horses”  in the Wyoming Film Contest 2011.  She is currently under contract;
co-writing and directing a dramatic feature film entitled “Only In America”.    Other film writing credits include
“Ghetto Physics” (‘What The Bleep..” Producers) Tangra Productions, Sinatra Productions and others.  As an
actor, she trained in NYC with Sandford Meisner and has a list of stage, television and film credits.

michaelCo-Writer - Michael Mann (Reenactments Only)

Michael Mann

Michael Mann has been a shrimp fisherman, a professional
Swim Coach, a college Instructor of Writing, Literature, and
Women's Studies, and, through it all, top to bottom,
beginning to end, a writer. He is currently seeking
representation for his first novel, Songs from the Edge of the
World, while working on his second. He lives in Longmont,
CO, where he writes metaphysical thrillers and moonlights
as a freelance editor.



Co-Writer - Patrick Sheridan (Reenactments Only)

Patrick Sheridan has been teaching Acting for the Camera for several
years in and around Denver, most recently in partnership with The Bug
Theatre's Emerging Filmmakers Project.

He believes that most actors achieve their greatest on-camera moments
when they are able to truly 'be' in the moment. He approaches scenes in
class from a director's point-of-view. His classes have been called
"unconventional," "liberating," and "mind-blowing."

Patrick is also the writer and director of the soon-to-be-released
feature-length motion picture JIMMY SAID and he has written more than a
dozen produced short films. Over the years, he's optioned several
feature-length screenplays and has others in various stages of development
or pre-production. A graduate of the Vancouver Film School's Writing Program,
Patrick is also a sought-after script doctor and script consultant.