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Hold on to your seats - "Openings" is 2 feature-length docudrama abouts real experiences with higher dimensions in everyday life. Want to participate in making Openings a reality? Want to get involved in a project that makes a difference? Contact us.  Thank You!

Did You Know?

It's No Secret...

Did you know that some of the most famous and influential people around have received help from going within...? Take Joe Vitale (The Secret), he's been supported by inner guides since he was a teenager.

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Is it Coincidence or a Synchronistic Event?

What is Openings "Their Stories" about, anyway?

“Openings—Their Stories.”  Spiritual truth- seeking has led these gifted individuals, all from different walks of life, to experiences in higher dimensions, and into the very heart of their own Being. “Openings--Their Stories” is a feature-length docudrama that reveals the true mystical accounts of some who have, with bold vulnerability, reached into the realms of angels, spirit guides, and spiritual Masters. This film takes you beyond the veil to explore how synchronicity, shifts in consciousness, awareness of higher dimensions, and the tests of life's challenges connect the inner worlds with the outer. At the center of these experiences is the highest Force connecting us all:  The Language of the Ancient Ones – Love.

Through reenacted stories and in-depth interviews with such notables as Amit Goswami (What the Bleep), Joe Vitale (The Secret), Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief),William Gladstone (Tapping the Source), Brad Szollose (best-selling author and Internet entrepreneur), Peter Kater (6-time Grammy nominee), and others, “Openings” will transport the viewer to new realms… of Thought . . . of Reality . . . of Spirit . . . as no film has ever before.

A few additional interviewees include Peter Pino (Zia Pueblo Elder and Keeper of the Song), Sonia Barrett (author of The Holographic Canvas), and Selasee Atiase (songwriter who survived civil unrest in Ghana). Explore the truth of the heart, and see the common thread that links these people and their diverse cultures as they share their true awakenings in “Openings.”

Mission Statement

The filmmakers and producers of Openings are committed to contemplative practices and gratitude for finding direction and answers through this discipline. We recognize the power that is available to everyone and it is our sincere desire to share, through the process of discovery, what that can mean to each individual who reaches for It. And by following this process it is our hope to entertain, open minds and hearts, and invoke feelings associated with higher awareness inherent in us all.


Openings Interviewees

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, Amit Goswami, Ph. D., Peter Kater, Dr. Joe Vitale, Jack Zufelt, William Gladstone, Brad Szollose, Gregg Levoy, Dr. Jacob Liberman, Sonia Barrett, Debbie Haynie MA, LPC, CHT, Peter Pino, Lisa Gerstner, Lura Fischer, Lura Genz, Dr. Thom Rogers, Joe Stedt, PhD, Kristi Crum, Selasee Atiase, Dr. Symeon Rodger, John Pyke